Monday, July 15, 2013

blair just got in a screaming match in safeway and it was amazing...

Innocently enough, Blair and I went to go get a snack and hit up Safeway. As we walked into the notoriously janky Safeway location on Jackson Square, an obviously HIGH ON DRUGS man was yelling and shoving a gentleman outside. He then went inside Safeway and started screaming at no one in particular, shouting something about "This is America!" Blair seems to think he was yelling at tourists.

Blair then marched off to find some lettuce. The man was still screaming to shocked stares, so naturally I went to go join the starers. No one at Safeway was doing anything to stop the crazy screamer, and nearly everyone just stopped and watched his outburst wondering what would happen next.

The next thing I knew, Blair stormed past me and walked up to the screamed. "YOU NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Go on! Get out! No one wants to hear you!"

The screamer was kind of dumbfounded for a moment, and then began grumbling at Blair. So she continued, "Get the fuck out! Go! Leave!" She then swirled around and stormed away, back towards me.

"Oh my God, Blair. I cannot believe you just yelled at that crazy person." I hissed.

But before she could respond, the screamer started up again. So back Blair went. "GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. No one wants to hear you! Go! Get the fuck out! Seriously! LEAVE!"

The people that weren't staring before were staring now.

The screamer actually left, or as Blair later put it, "It worked." But at the moment, I was nervously laughing, trying to catch up with Blair as she marched all over Safeway shopping, and saying, "Blair! You cannot yell at crazy people!"

Blair stopped selecting cereal bars and turned to look at me. "You never let me have any fun..."

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