Thursday, February 21, 2013

like you ever have any plans on monday...

We've all had our hearts broken, right? And/or broken some hearts? I think I've only had the former, not done the latter. Quite frankly, I was really doing the guys I broke up with a favor. I'm a pain in the ass. Anyway, this week's Porch Light Storytelling Open Door theme is "It's Not You: Stories of Heartbreak." Oh man, I can't wait (to feel better about all of my break-ups by hearing how bad all of yours were.)

I'm co-hosting all of the open mic nights from now on (yay!) so please just Google Calendar the last Monday of every month, thanks. Anyway, this is your chance to get on stage and tell us a 5 minute story. The audience is always warm and cozy, you get a free drink just for having the balls to get up there, and a winner is selected by one audience member, so there's no awkward public judgement. The winner gets $50 and a bag of warm nuts, which you might need what with that whole break-up.

You don't have to tell a story if you don't want to. You can just hang out and listen to people's short stories about breaking up. You'll probably end up meeting someone, dating them, and then dumping them, in which case you need to come back and tell us that story.

Monday, February 25th, 7pm, Hemlock Tavern. $5 cover.

ALSO WHILE I HAVE YOU, Monday, March 18th is the Porch Light Main Stage Show. I don't usually get to host this one, but since the brilliant Beth Lisick is out of town, I'll be awkwardly up at that mic again. Held at the gorgeous Verdi Club, the night's theme is "Law & Order." I've roped in two of my friends, former Marin County Coroner Ken Holmes and SFPD Sgt. Carl Tee to join the line-up of storytellers: Nato Green, who is a hilarious and charming comedian, and public defender Renee Paradis. We're working on getting one more storyteller, but the night is sure to be so awesome, it's criminal.

Monday, March 18th, 8pm, Verdi Club. $20 tickets here.

In between these two thrilling events is Muni Diaries Live! Don't worry. I'm not doing any wacky story telling at this one. But join me in the crowd because there will be some thrilling Muni stories by a thrilling line up of story tellers AND Blair's band, Lucky Jesus is performing unplugged!

Saturday, March 2nd, 7pm, Elbo Room. $12...


Sonia said...

You should get Deirdre to tell the story about the time she chased down a mugger. It's kinda amazing.

Beth Spotswood said...

I love that story!