Monday, January 21, 2013

it's monday night, you can't possibly have plans...

Tonight is Porchlight Storytelling Series' monthly performance at the Verdi Club and you should come for the following reasons:

1. It's at the Verdi Club? Have you been there? It's really cool.
2. The theme is 'Getting Over It and Moving On." You can buy advance tickets HERE.
3. I'm guest co-hosting because Beth Lisick is out of town. Yay!
4. I roped two of my friends into telling stories. Deirdre is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Gavin Newsom. In other words, she is Gavin's Josh Lyman. She is awesome because she is friends with me even though I have spent many years saying kooky things on the internet about Gavin Newsom, and also, she was raised in the Bronx by Irish parents and thus has no choice but to be hilarious all the time. Ken is the former Marin County Coroner, and I once saw him give a talk to the Mill Valley Historical Society about finding dead bodies under a house in Mill Valley. Ever since, I've been dying (heh) to hear Ken talk again. Ken was a coroner for 30 years, thus possessing the stories and the enthusiasm for telling them one would hope from a coroner. There are also 4 fabulous story-tellers whom I am super excited to hear.
5. A year ago, Melissa and I told a story together, when the theme was Best Friends night, or similar. We were last minute fill-ins, because Lemony Snicket had to cancel. When they announced us, Beth and her co-host (tonight, MY co-host) Arline had to tell everyone Lemony Snicket wasn't coming and the audience erupted into shock, dismay, groans, and possibly tears. Big Chris still delights in reminding me of this. None the less, we killed it so hard, a hipster woman came up to us afterwards and deadpanned, "I thought I was going to hate you two, but you were really funny." Boom! Changing the minds of judgy hipsters, one at a time. Porchlight is magical that way.
6. If you show up tonight, I will enthusiastically talk to you about last night's episodes of Downton Abbey, Girls, and/or The Biggest Loser. So really, that's a reason for me why you should come, maybe not for you.
7. I am also guest-hosting next Monday's open mic storytelling at the Hemlock Tavern on Polk Street. So if you think you have a hilarious or mind-blowing 5-minute story to share, come on down!

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Sonia said...

So, I am super amazingly bummed to be missing out on Deirdre's stage debut.I can't get a baby sitter for the show tonight. Babies ruin everything!

I have been listening to DH's awesome stories for more than 10 years. Everyone is in for a real treat tonight.

I have no doubt that she is going to kill it. And good luck hosting tonight, Beth!