Monday, November 05, 2012

how do you feel about dial-up...

Oh Jesus, I'm about to bombard you. 

Today's Culture Blog is up. Melissa and I went on a fake cable car tour and experienced high drama and a bunch of 17-year old bros. It's up on SFGate's esteemed Culture Blog, so please go read it

Also, (the fucking amazing) Beth H. and I teamed up again to cover the BLUE carpet premiere of Bravo's new reality show, "Start Ups: Silicon Valley" which starts tonight at 10. The event was last night in Potrero Hill, and it was really hot in there. I started with big, Southern hair and a powdered face. I ended all gross, with my hair up and no longer giving a shit. All of the other interviewers asked tech questions. I asked dumb questions. Our video is up on the SF Appeal. Watch what happens! 

PS: Is it just me, or does Randi Zuckerberg pronounce it "sa-scribers'?

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