Sunday, September 30, 2012

internet serial killer book club post...

Melissa and I had a sleepover at Tara's, where we very stereotypically watched Legends of the Fall. It was Melissa's first time seeing this masterpiece, and normally a cynic about sappy stuff, she was all over it.
Duh, Melissa. It's Legends of the Fucking Fall.
Anyway, while lounging around Tara's apartment and using all of her Bumble & Bumble products, I discovered (and subsequently took into my possession) "People Who Eat Darkness."
It is the true story of Lucie Blackman, a 21-year old British woman who disappeared while working as a hostess in Tokyo. The book, by Richard Lloyd Parry, took years to write and has been repeatedly compared to "In Cold Blood." Check out the NYT review.
I'm almost done with the book, and will return it to Tara's, trading it back for my "Bossypants" that sits on her nightstand. I already know what happened to Lucie, and anyone who felt like Googling her could find out too. But this book is SO interesting, and I really want to discuss it.
Other cultural topics I wish to discuss include The Guidices, which team to root for on The Amazing Race (the chick without legs, right?), the genius of both Bill Hader and Will Forte, and how great Heirloom Cafe is.
Next on my reading list is "Gone Girl" on a strong recommendation from Eve, and which ever Mo Hayder mystery arrives next. Mo Hayder, incidentally, is mentioned in "People Who Eat Darkness" as she too once worked as a hostess in Tokyo. Amazing!
One day, I will find someone with creepier interests than me. And I will either marry them, or contact the authorities...


Seana said...

Please read Girl Gone immediately so we can discuss. I HATED the way that book ended, and I felt completely robbed of a decent ending after being sucked in so completely.

sfthen said...

It's amazing that no one has written a book about this local boy:
Anthony Sully

The cops knew he was the one who'd done it and knew he was taunting them, using knowledge gained while he was a cop.

Rachel said...

Mo Hayder! I'm currently reading the newest one. She writes such creepy, skin-crawling books.

Anonymous said...

So let's get down to brass tacks