Friday, August 10, 2012

creepy documentaries...

Yesterday evening I took myself to see the documentary, "The Imposter." It's really great, I recommend you go see it, and then let me know when you want to discuss what you think happened. Because I was walking out of the Lumiere trying to talk to strangers. "We agree with Charlie, right?"

Anyway, it reminded me of all of the really creepy documentaries I've seen. Here, in case you hate going outside on gorgeous weekends, are my Top 4 Creepy Documentaries. I was going to pick 5, just because that is one one does on the internet, but these four are all so equally amazing, well-done, and each will haunt you for the rest of your life:

"Capturing the Friendmans"
"The Bridge"
"Dear Zachary"
"American Experience: The Donner Party" (I have seen this so many times, I can perform it word for word. It is best watched on a rainy afternoon with a nerdy relative and hot tea.)

Do you have any good ones? Dear Zachary was recommended to me by Lisa in the comments on this very blog, so keep 'em coming...


dirtyfilthy said...

Hey there, stumbled across this post while looking for creepy doco's. All of those are good choices, I would also add

Resurrect Dead

Anonymous said...

The Bridge and Dear Zachary both have Bay Area connections. The Bagbys are from Sunnyvale. I forget if that was in the movie or if it was just during the Q&A at Cinequest.

hollyrocket said...

Stranded: I've Come From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains.