Monday, August 13, 2012

a gentleman's beauty routine...

Today, Brock was telling me that he bathes twice a day. I asked him to detail his beauty routine, and this was Brock's response:

"I use a soothing body wash made for men and use a facial scrub one every other day. I wash may hair 2-3 times a week. I condition daily (what with my voluminous, body-filled hair, it's a must.) And I use a special soap for my back because the conditioner will give me the RARE zit. Then, I use a paraben-free deodorizer and moisturizer, the latter of which contains SPF 40. A dab of kheil's oil behind the ears... and that's it!

My body = temple."

UPDATE: Eve insists that I add the following to this post. "I'm sorry to be so demanding, but this is vital."


Jackson West said...

Every other day on the facial scrub? Hmmm. Noted.

Chalkman said...

eve is right, this was the first thing I thought of before I got through the first sentence