Friday, July 13, 2012

walking, then talking...

A few business-keeping notes:

1. This Sunday is AIDS Walk San Francisco. I am walking with Sally and my family, and am kinda excited to roam around Golden Gate Park for a wonderful cause with my folks. So, if you can afford to donate IN THIS ECONOMY, please support us HERE. Or walk with us!

2. Next Tuesday, I get to Emcee this amazing Commonwealth Club event at The Castro Theater. All I'm supposed to do is get up on stage and say, "Use this hashtag!" and "The moderator is very accomplished!" and "Cell phones off, assholes!" BUT, the guests are Meghan McCain and (dramatic pause) Michael Ian Black. I am doing this event to meet Michael Ian Black. That's pretty much it. The only reason I get to do this is that the woman who runs InForum is insanely nice and was like, "If you want to do an intro, you totally can." You can buy tickets here, and they're only $15. Please come and laugh at my 5 minutes on stage so Michael Ian Black thinks I'm funny and wants to be friends with me. And then we'll hang out every time he's in San Francisco, and maybe co-host "I Love The 40's" on VHI. 

3. I am going to do funny videos for Drew Altizer, society photographer! They'll be up on SF Wire, and I'll let you know when they're up. This weekend, I'm going to some chef event and I'm supposed to ask them funny questions. So far, I've got, "If someone has no shirt, and no shoes, will they get service?" I am open to WAY better ideas. 

4. Am I alone in being OBSESSED with the whole Sandusky thing? 

5. I just got this comment on Wednesday's Culture Blog about 'Target Vincent Price':

"As Vincent Price's actual tall daughter, I can tell you that a) he would have LOVED this blog b) had you run into him in Target, your encounter would have been remarkably similar to this one c) despite the fact that both my dad and I love(d) being tall, we were/are incorrigible slumpers (the telltale sign of a tall person's ambivalence about their height) d) if I learned one thing from my wonderful dad it is that, when we really take time to listen and to see another human being, it is the greatest gift we can give to them and to ourselves.
Thank you for a wonderful blog!"



Kate said...

How cool to get that comment!

Blair said...

3) make up redonkulous "chopped" baskets and say and your time starts...NOW!