Wednesday, July 04, 2012

the nautical equivalent of a unicorn...

Nine years ago today, my parents had a very big (for us, at least) party at their house. Alex and I were each allowed to invite a few friends, and my brother announced he'd be bringing, among others, this kid named Chris.
"We should put him at your table." Alex said. "You're going to love this kid."
I had spent months working on MY table, hand-selecting the perfect mix of guests so that we'd have the best group for the after-dinner trivia contest. There was no way some friend of my little brother's was going to get himself into MY table.
Alex was so persistent that we compromised, and Chris was seated one table over, directly behind me. There is a photo of the whole party, all of us sitting at six huge tables on the deck. And in that photo, in the middle of 60 people, Chris and I have turned our chairs around and are engrossed in conversation.
Today is the day that I met Chris, or as he's known here, Grey Cloud. That was nine years ago.
Eight years ago, I would've paid you money to Jeff Galooley him.
Seven years ago, I ignored his name when it came up in conversation.
Two years ago, he took me on the best platonic date of my life.
I started writing this blog to make him jealous, and now it's my JOB. Every once in awhile, I think of that night, how I met Chris, how my brother introduced us and then spent a year letting me cry on his shoulder. I think of how 95% of my time with Chris was a disaster, but that 5% was EASILY some of the greatest nights I've ever had.
I texted him yesterday to remind him of this occasion.
Grey Cloud texted back, "Wow. What a wild ride. Some serious highs and lows."
I find his response infuriating.

But after everything, in retrospect, I am so, so glad that nine years ago today, I turned my chair around...

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I thought this was going to be about Narwhals.