Sunday, July 08, 2012

my last meal of friends...

After years and years of claiming we'd have this soiree, last night was the "Last Supper" party. While I am opposed to the death penalty, I find true crime fascinating. And I've always been interested in the tradition of a "last meal" for the condemned. So after much research and fanfare, 40 or so folks came over to Brittney and my place last night to dine exclusively on the most common foods requested in last meals.

In addition to other themed items, like a Dept. of Corrections jumpsuit hanging from the front door, or last words printed on flashcards placed around the party, the best contribution was Eve's amazing signage she made for each food item. I can't imagine how much time it took her to put this together, but her work was thoughtful, fascinating, and the hit of the party. Each menu item, like John Wayne Gacy's original recipe KFC request, was paired with a sign that included his mugshot, criminal history, complete final meal request, and last words.

Guests spent ages chopping on fried okra while hunched over the dining room table reading Eve's signs.

And that fried okra was actually fried in our kitchen. Sally brought over a deep frier and will heretofore be known as the most beautiful last meal chef of all time.

Also, San Franciscans treat junk food like a tourist attraction. There was a whole part of the party where folks just took photos of the food. When people started microwaving McDonald's cheeseburgers at 1am, I was like, "Shit, there go our forbidden leftovers."

Everyone came with some amazing contribution, like Catherine B. who compiled an entire prison-themed playlist and brought a bottle of Jim Beam. While I'm worrisomely into this macabre stuff, I assumed my friends would half-ass it, and be like, "Weird party, but whatever. Fried chicken and beer!"

Nope. They all like, did work at home.

I over photograph everything, but if you want to see even more dumb photos, you can do so here

I will not besmirch our friends' good names by revealing anything too drunken, but to give an indication: our creepy neighbor who at one point demanded a beer through the fence last night, stood on his garden shed roof early this morning as I was cleaning up the backyard. He indicated he wanted all of our empties. It took me about 45 minutes, but I bagged up all of the recycling and met him on the curb.
Our neighbor looks at it all and says, "Hahahaha. A lot!"

The party was meant to be a fun house party, which is was (holla). The theme, which everyone there embraced, was actually an amazing conversation starter.

I have always been torn on the death penalty. There were folks over last night who were both for and against it. The last meal aspect of condemning a convicted criminal to death is weird to me, and thus interesting. It's almost apologetic. "Here, person wer're about to kill. What's your favorite food?" The whole thing is bizarre, right?

If you're interested in 'last meal' history and info, here are some links that I've spent time...exploring:

Arizona last meals and last words
The highly detailed State of Texas Death Row webpage
Dead Man Eating, a website chronicling last meals
2 minute documentary on an actual Death Row Chef
More video on the aforementioned Chef

Anyway, there was lots of discussion last night of, "What would be your last meal?"


Victor Feguer said...

Is the orange jumpsuit from your impromptu Aileen Wuornos Halloween costume? Nice.

Also, no olives?

Beth Spotswood said...

Oh ye of little faith. We had olives, and a sign for Victor.

Victor Feguer said...

If it pleases the court, I would like to recant my previous incredulousness and apologize for being a Doubting Thomas.