Thursday, July 19, 2012

let's talk about fred willard...

Comic genius and all around American treasure Fred Willard was arrested last night for a lewd act in an adult theater. This raises (heh) a question:

Why do people still go to adult theaters? Porn arrives on one's computer whether they want it or not. It was pointed out to me that Fred is an older gentleman and maybe not that internet savvy, but I imagine that since THE VCR, one doesn't need to put on clothes, get in the car, drive to an adult theater, park, pay, go inside, and risk arrest to enjoy some porn. They can't be showing anything one can't get elsewhere. Also, if he can manage a Twitter account, he can find porn on the internet.

Do you think that maybe there's a certain thrill to doing THIS in public? Do you think Fred is hiding out in his house, freaking out and trying to do damage control? Or does this just make him more awesome? I mean, he's a 72-year old comedy genius masterbating in an adult theater.

I am a huge Fred Willard fan. I saw him at Celebrity Autobiography at Cobb's during SketchFest, reading from Star Jones' 'You Have To Stand For Something Or You'll Fall For Anything.' And then, this:

My favorite line from that movie is Fred's "And to think in some countries, they eat these dogs!"


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Corky St. Clair said...

This is all a big misunderstanding. You can't arrest him and risk breaking up Ron and Sheila!

They consider themselves bi-costal, if you consider the Mississippi River one of the coasts.