Monday, July 16, 2012

it must be the medication...

First of all, today's Tourist Trapped goes to Les Miserables and realizes it's basically a big Occupy protest. But in a good way! That's up now on SFGate. READ IT.

Unrelated, I was riding the bus this morning with Blair, my neighbor and bus buddy, and we were talking about how all prescription medicines ALWAYS warn of both diareah and suicidal thoughts. Blair has decided this is because "everyone" has diareah and suicidal thoughts at one point or another. So when pharmecutical companies are testing out medications on people, they ask them all the standard questions. And odds-wise, someone's always going to have diareah and/or suicidal thoughts. (Perhaps they're related.)

Blair was sitting there on the bus doing this dramatic impression of a test subject answering their side-effects questionaire. "I have diareah! I have suicidal thoughts! It MUST be the medication!"

Someone in a financial district office is telling their coworkers about the conversation they overheard on the 12 this morning. "I've got to find out what medication she was on."

In other news, I am super proud of my family for doing the AIDS Walk together yesterday. I will not reveal WHO CHEATED and skipped out early. But we raised money for AIDS stuff, and I have two blisters which is HORRIFIC. Below is our AIDS Walk Team: Emilie, Alex, mom, me, dad, Jean, and Sally.

And last night, I went to the CUESA party at the Ferry Building because I am doing wacky videos for society photographer, Drew Altizer. I have no idea how this video will turn out. Basically I met this guy Ivan outside, and we just kinda walked around and chatted with people. But Tighe made this sign, and as soon as he put it down, someone said, "Starring WHO?"
Yay! I'll post the video when it's up.

Finally, if you haven't already, there's still time to get your tickets to Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain's event tomorrow night at the Castro Theater. I'm giving the VIP Party toast! And I get to introduce the event, I think. Mainly, I get to hang out with Michael Ian Black, and so can you. Tomorrow night.

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