Friday, June 22, 2012

thursday is the new entire week of plans...

There are all sorts of news things I've been meaning to discuss lately. Now that I take the bus half of the time (it goes so many places!), I read my Associated Press and NPR apps (not to mention my sudden, and perhaps late addiction to Car Talk). Anyway, here goes:

The Sandusky Trial: is obviously horrible, frustrating, and sad. I read every single thing about it, and today, I was particularly impressed that Dottie Sandusky sat behind her husband through the entire trial chewing on gum. I think it's interesting both that Mrs. Sandusky is chomping away on gum the whole time her husband is on trial for NUMEROUS counts of child sex abuse, and that the report noted it. As if to say, "Really, Dottie? Gum? Can we get you a Slurpee?"

Brock and I went to three (yes, 3!) parties last night. (And I was still in bed by 11.) The first one was an environmental fundraiser at a nightclub filled with yuppies and Mark Ruffalo, who was the guest of honor. We found him messily gorgeous and short, and after determining that, went to the ATO party in Mid-Market. I will never be hipster enough for last night's ATO party. Never in my life. We went from the yuppiest of the yuppies to the hippest of the hipsters, who are, I will note, friendlier. Finally, we headed over to a ratsy tatsy Pride Party at the Benttlee Rezerve, where Brock and I had our photo taken with Loni Love. We started at 7pm and stayed at each party for an hour or so. People do this all the time, apparently, and I can't figure out how. The whole time, we were like, "Look at us! Three whole parties!" Everyone else was like, "Oh, this is a big deal to you nerds?" Also, why does everyone throw their parties on Thursdays?

At the Pride Party, I ran into the wonderful Jennifer Raiser, who told me that Queen Elizabeth uses her handbag as a signal. When she puts it on the table, it means she wants to leave in 5 minutes. When she switches it from one arm to the other, her highness hates who she is talking to. This information delights me, and I need to come up with my own system ... once I get handlers who will then read my "over it" signals.

THIS is exactly the reason why I stare out the window on trains. Or flying low before reaching the tarmac. Seriously.

Happy Pride weekend, everyone! I see your true colors and that's why I love you...


tmckain said...

hey Beth,

It was good to meet you at ATO party. I'm betting it still strikes you as odd when someone introduces themselves as knowing you from your online antics, but I assure you I'm no stalker and definitely not a hipster. We're just a group of folks trying to do some good for the city. Admittedly that can attract hipster crowd - especially since everything was comp.


Anonymous said...

Beth, please correct: "Bently Reserve"

Beth Spotswood said...

Okay, but... you're not the boss of me.