Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Years and years ago, my friend Tammy came to a party at my folks house. At 2am, I found her sitting on the deck at a table with my father, brother and some old friends, drinking Chianti like they were in the mafia. Much to my father's protests, Tammy finally headed home and before she left, she pulled me aside.
"Your father adores you! Boy, oh boy. It'll be tough to ever find a man who loves you that much. When he talks about you or Alex, his whole face changes!"
As a result, whenever my father drives me nuts (which happens regularly) and whenever I feel like I've disappointed my parents (which happens regularly), I think of what Tammy said.
I'm not anyone's parent, so I don't yet fully understand how this works. But I can FEEL how much my dad loves me, and how much he loves my brother. He says it all the time, but he shows it even more. Some people were meant to be a dad.
My dad was raised by one of those people.
And then he became one.
When I encounter other dads doing dad stuff, like my co-workers or my friends, I think, "Dads. I really love dads."
I just love mine the most.

Happy Father's Day, fellas...

*I keep thinking of great dads I know, so I have to keep adding to the title. Dads!

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Clair said...

You're a very lucky girl. Give your dad a hug for those of us who can't hug ours.