Thursday, May 17, 2012

this isn't the zodiac speaking...

Jesus CHRIST, I have been a slacker on the blog lately. My apologies. I've been working on a huge project at work, but that is no excuse!

Anyway, I just got some super exciting news. My old pal, Beth H. who co-created "The Beths: We Go Out So You Don't Have To" series, has agreed to team up with me to cover the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT ever to come to San Francisco. I will be amazed if you can guess what this is, but we film next weekend. And if the subject is any indication, this will be an extraordinary 5 minute segment. I'm excited to cover an event with video again, as Mel and I are still trying to figure out how we want to jazz up Necessary Conversation. We sit around and talk about it all the time, we just never end up doing it. (Heh.)

Now, my thoughts on that former cop claiming he knows who the Zodiac Killer is, apparently a 92-year old living in Fairfield. And as reported today, he died in February anyway.

Here's why I think this is probably bullshit:

1. The whole conspiracy theory seems a little too soap opera-y. Apparently, the suspect was never pursued because his WIFE was having an affair with a local judge. While that might explain some of the Zodiac's obvious anger towards women, any profiler worth their FBI windbreaker can tell you this guy was a single loner who could never really succeed with women. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. See; BTK. 

2. This retired cop just looks like he doesn't know what he's talking about. He may very well, but he looks a little too full of himself. And he's been sitting on this "knowledge" for years while thinking he knows the secret identity of a very violent serial killer. Apparently, the Zodiac Killer has been working in real estate this whole time.

3. I am biased by both Robert Graysmith's theory (and David Fincher's incredibly good movie), but I still think the likeliest answer is Arthur Leigh Allen. So, he didn't lick his own envelopes or stamps. Although with no knowledge of future DNA possibilities, it would be weird for him to know to do this. Maybe he had one of those wet sponges, like old ladies have. I don't know. But the spooky circumstantial evidence around that guy is tough to overlook.

4. If the 92-year old apparent Zodiac Killer died in 2012, we can estimate he was born in 1920, which would mean he began his killing spree at the ANCIENT (for serial killers) age of 48. None of the witnesses who saw Zodiac described anyone that old.

5. I know, I know. I've...I've got some issues.


Seana said...

Beth is back!

Lennie Briscoe said...

Excellent analysis. I can see you "staring at your big dry erase board of clues and loosening your holster."

You have the right to remain delicious.

ZodiacRevisited said...

Hi Beth,

If you've got issues, I've got major issues!!

In my opinion, your BS detector is in perfect working order! I don't understand why the world is so willing to accept the claims of somebody who writes a book saying "I know who the Zodiac Killer is!" Here are some more of my thoughts on The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up: The Silenced Badge.

I have to disagree with you a bit on Arthur Leigh Allen; it's very unlikely that he's the Zodiac. But hey, where's the fun in agreeing on everything?!

Thanks for writing on this subject!