Wednesday, May 02, 2012

take a right on that short pier and keep going...

Please forgive my sparse postings. Oh boy, so much.
I was on my way to meet my father for lunch today. I'd arranged this little get together because I wanted Dad and his friend Ron to meet my friend Matt, as I decided they'd all be fast friends.
We decided to have lunch at Wayfare Tavern, and as I was walking over from work, a middle aged gentleman asked me, "Do you know how to get to Montgomery and Sacramento?"
"Where are you going, exactly?" I asked.
"Wayfare Tavern."
God. What is the protocol on this? I don't want to walk with a stranger for 5 blocks. Obviously, with certain strangers I would walk the ends of the Earth. This was not one of those strangers.
But if I gave him directions, then hung a block back, he would have obviously seen me there. I would be the woman who was going the same place as him, but chose to say, "Um, just head west-ish."
I had to confess we had the same destination.
"That's funny." I said. "I'm going there too."
The MIDDLE-AGED man nervously paused and said, "Oh. That is funny. I'm actually early. I might walk around. But it's this way, you say?"
He didn't want to walk with me. It was all I could do to say, "I almost shut that invite down, gramps. But I am trying to be a nice person. I am, amazingly enough, super interesting. But whatever, WWII baby. Head east for all I care."
I did not say that. No one ever really says that.

In other (and perhaps related) news, my co-worker Bill has a theory that I am "into bald guys." For two years now, I have sat nearest Bill and shared my thoughts with him throughout the day. The poor guy gets my dumb commentary on life for 9 hours, 5 days a week. As a result, he has developed a well-documented theory that I am "into bald guys."
When pressed, Bill has confessed that he has been keeping a tally of my apparently approving comments about bald dudes. It should be noted, we are big Dr. Phil watchers. And I frequently remark, "I would sleep with Dr. Phil."
I stand by that.
Apparently, it doesn't end there.
"Oh yeah. Anytime you see a bald security-guard type, you say, 'He's cute.' You have a thing for bald authority figures."
While this is news to me, I am okay with it. I feel like I say, "He's cute" all the time. I like men in general. But according to Bill, it's been a non-stop gushfest over Det. Elliot Stabler, Elliot Spitzer, and Skinner from the X Files.

Finally, here's my Tourist Trapped from Monday.

Today's post with be up tomorrow (I crashed a Hoarding Convention), and this week's installment of Beach Blanket Babylon's Beach Nuts has arrived. Here's Part 4: The very touching Scholarship Awards:


This series ends next week. So, you know, you're almost done.

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Seana said...

Corey Booker is bald, right?