Tuesday, May 22, 2012

let's take a long walk, around the park after dark...

I am doing AIDS Walk this year!
I've been all lame and busy with work and stuff. (And by stuff, I mean inappropriate men.) I'm back, and I'm all riled up. Hence, I am roping my family (both parents and only sibling!) and friends into joining my team for 2012's AIDS Walk. If you're willing to tolerate a lot of griping, please join our wacky team!
We are Team Muffin Top, after my co-captain Sally's godfather, who died from HIV-related illness 20 years ago. She called him "Muffin."
And obviously, if you can afford to donate anything, that would be amazing.
Grey Cloud kinda threw it down by sponsoring me for $100. I had to promise to walk an extra mile, tho.
Anyway, it feels good to put effort into something positive for strangers. Also, as a former Development professional, I feel like I have a responsibility to raise a decent amount of money.
It's for AIDS, folks. AIDS.
You can join TEAM MUFFIN TOP or donate HERE.

Tomorrow's Culture Blog is a review of 'The Gavin Newsom Show', so please stay tuned...


Inappropriate Reaction Channel said...

And by stuff, I mean inappropriate men.

I'll say.

Beth Spotswood said...

He's kidding!
I spent an entire weekend shooting the side-eyes and saying, "Inappropriate."

Inappropriate Reaction Channel said...

Still. What would Eda Bottini say.


Beth Spotswood said...

Who ARE you?

Also, other than, "Where are your socks, Miss Spotswood?", I like to think Edna would give me a knowing smirk and send me on my inappropriate way.

Bonnie said...

Is that how you spell tolerate? You never mis-spell, must be the inappropriate men rubbing off on you.

Beth Spotswood said...

Ack! Fixed. Thanks Bon.

Inappropriate Reaction Channel said...

An inscrutable riddle, wrapped in prosciutto, inside an enigma.

Just someone who enjoys weird SI references and spotting toupées. How are they still acceptable?

btw, I always thought it was Edna, too. No "n" apparently. Who knew?