Wednesday, May 30, 2012

crashing the 1% singles ball (on video!)...

First of all, Melissa Griffin (aka: my best friend) is the brand new star of 'Mondays with Melissa' on KPIX. That's right. Mel gets her own weekly morning segment on the very TV station I get to work for. She gets branded, did a photo shoot, the whole nine yards. Again, this all happens where I work. It's like, an embarrassment of riches.
Since Mel is obviously the brains of this operation, brains that get on CBS, I will continue to do the goofy stuff. One of the reasons Necessary Conversation has been on hold is because we didn't want dumb wig-photoshop jokes to hinder Mel's meteoric rise. 
So... I managed to rope my old partner, Beth H. into reprising "The Beths: We Go Out So You Don't Have To." We attended something called, "The 1% Singles Ball" and filmed the whole thing. 
We had so much fun, we plan to do this monthly. If you are a rich person, please pay for our expenses, because I kinda claimed that was a possibility. I will do this for free forever because, as you can see, it was really fucking weird. 
I posted it on SFGate for today's Culture Blog, complete with a recap. But just for you, here's the video. I really, really hope you like this...

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reechard said...

OMG I don't even recognize Mel! Glad to see you back, Beth... nice piece, what characters.