Wednesday, April 25, 2012

you can't start a fire without a spark, apparently...

As I advised the students and hopeful students at FIDM this past Saturday morning, you should always say yes to everything. Unless it's like, getting in a van with a stranger or having unprotected sex. But otherwise, you should always show up for any opportunity.

Which is why I was at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising on Saturday morning, having rolled out of bed to impart my wisdom on a bunch of wide-eyed 19-year olds. Actually, I think I was there to crack the jokes. That's what I ended up doing from my director's chair on stage, while my awesome fellow panelists, Lorraine Sanders and Jeanne Chen said wise and profound things.

 My biggest laugh was when I revealed that I have my Bachelor's in fashion design, and motioned to my ensemble. "Obviously!" Guffaws from fashion-forward gay teens abounded. Because I looked like shit. I have no excuse, but it was 10am on a Saturday and I felt such pressure to look cool that I ended up way too casual and uncool.

Our moderator, Project Runway's Nick Verreos wore a fabulous pink-accented suit combo.

I wore a J. Crew maxidress, this weird see-thru kimono thing and what appears to be a bra that might kill people. Also, at 5'11", I am the tallest person that ever lived. ANYway, the panel was very humid and hot, but also very fun. I looked at all those kids wanting to be fashion-y type adults one day and I remember being there VIVIDLY. I also remember feeling like I wasn't pretty or normal enough to have anything to do with fashion, and being terrified of everything in general.

Saturday, I spent 2-hours Euro-kissing someone from a Bravo TV show and talking into a microphone, so, you know, shit works out.

I can report that Nick Verreos is incredibly sweet, kind and genuine. I told him all about Rose Pak, we googled her and when Nick found a photo of Rose with a cigarette and sweat suit, he announced, "I have found my new muse."

The intimidation I once felt at not being cool enough to like clothes and designers and models is gone. When you're 30-whatever, you're way more whatever about everything. So I loved seeing what the students and teachers and panelists were wearing/rocking. And I loved getting to feel comfortable as myself in front of 200 strangers. They laughed at my jokes. That's pretty much all I need to BE SO HAPPY.

Back to my one word of wisdom, which again, is to say yes to everything, last night I went to the Bruce Springsteen Concert in San Jose with an old friend I hadn't seen in like, 5 years. He had an extra ticket, and emailed me asking if I wanted to go. Um, yeah. Sure. Why the hell not!

It could have been incredibly weird. We had to drive all the way to San Jose and wait in line and I knew three Springsteen songs. But it ended up being fun and funny. And I did the Courtney Cox to 'Dancing in the Dark." In closing, say yes to everything. You could end up looking weird, yet reassuring to a bunch of college students, and at a concert in San Jose singing about unemployment...

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You look super gorgeous in that top photo.