Thursday, April 05, 2012

"you can't miss me. i'm with the ron paul people." "oh shit okay."

Hey y'all. I'm in Texas!
First of all, let me just say that I ate it on the front steps of the Bob Bullock History of Texas Museum yesterday. So please just drink that in for a second while I present some photos:

My friend had to find me on Congress Avenue today, and I just said, "Oh. I'm with the Ron Paul people. You can't miss me."

I went to a dancehall by myself!

The University of Texas bookstore. This wasn't even the Victoria's Secret section, which exists.

One of the best nights ever. Papi Tino's, front porch, people watching. It was one of those special nights of traveling alone and spending time with strangers that makes the whole thing worth it. We sat on a wooden porch under trees covered in lanterns while someone sang Ella Fitzgerald covers. It was 80 degrees and a full moon. I give it all an A+.

Don't mess with Texas. Seriously. That's their thing.

I know. I'm the worst. But still, so interesting.

My friend Erik took me to find BBQ out in the middle of nowhere today. It was funny. Everything here is funny.
I am in heaven.


Anonymous said...

A Perfect Storm:
Alter boy, Eagle scout, brain tumor:
"subject Whitman"

Beth Spotswood said...

Oh wow. INTERESTING report.