Tuesday, February 28, 2012

treat yourself to true crime...

When I was on that juice cleanse, I had no way of treating myself. Part of being a bad person is constantly finding excuses to treat oneself, thus making nothing a treat but just regular life. Anyway, I ordered 12 used books on Amazon during my juice cleanse and let me tell you, what a treat!
I am currently reading Stalking Mary.
Get this: In 1965, a woman named Mary Stauffer taught a high school algebra class. One of her students was a kid named Ming Sen Shiue who, being a lonely and creepy teenage boy, developed an obsession with his math teacher. Also, she have him a B which really pissed him off. So Ming stalked Mary for 15 years (literally, followed her, watched her, trailed her in grocery stores and wrote sex fantasy stories about the two of them together) until one day he kidnapped her and her 8-year old daughter, who just happened to be with her. Ming also murdered a little boy who got in the way. Mary and her daughter NAMED BETH spent 7 weeks in Ming's closet.
I was telling my friend Garvin about this and his response was, "Whoa. Super crush."
Mary and Beth escaped, but I'm just over halfway through with "Stalking Mary" and several parts are driving me nuts.
First of all, Mary and her husband "Irv" were Christian missionaries who were about to leave to the Philippines for four years, along with their kids. Mary was a very devout Christian and used her faith to help her survive this horrible ordeal. A part of that ordeal was her constant rape by Ming. Obviously, Mary had no choice in this. Obviously. She suffered through the unimaginable with grace and composure. Ming, who had spent 15 years dreaming up these elaborate fantasies, wanted Mary to hug him and kiss him, like they were really in love. Mary would not do this because she would only hug and kiss her husband to whom she was bonded through matrimony, and said as much all the time to Ming. Angry, he responded by sticking a plastic bag over Beth's head. I get this may have been one of the few ways Mary could maintain some kind of physical boundary with this monster, but I also get the impression it was just as much about sinning as it was about her emotional survival.
Hug Ming, Mary!
Ming once came home to find that Mary and Beth, who were chained together when Ming was away, had managed to get out of the closet and into the hallway, where they could finally use a regular bathroom instead of THE BUCKET. Ming said, "I don't think you should leave the closet. What would you do if someone came to the door and heard you?" And Mary goes, "I would scream for help and say we've been kidnapped."
Lie to Ming, Mary!
Again, it's always easy to say, "If I were there..." but everyone knows that you always tell your kidnapper, "Nope, I'd never go to the police. I don't even really know what you look like or what your name is. I'd just go back home and say I was on vacation. Don't even worry about it." Then you run to the feds. Not Mary. Mary felt that lying was a sin.
I am not a terribly religious person, but the God I was taught about would be fine with lying under these circumstances.
I haven't even gotten to the part of the book yet where Ming attacks Mary with knife while she testifies in court.
Needless to say, this story is terrifying, and an amazing tale of intense courage and unimaginable faith. And it is a crazy read, mainly because Ming videotaped most of his interrogations of Mary and the transcripts are included. The part when Mary is like, "Wait, you were in my algebra class 15 years ago?" is pretty surreal. Also, lots of Ming's SUPER WEIRD x-rated fan fiction is included. He had a thing for white underwear and TV moms.
I recommend you read Stalking Mary because everyday you will wake up and think, "Gee, I really hope no one I kind of ignored 15 years ago is secretly stalking me..."

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Seana said...

I wish my son's book reports were this entertaining. It would make editing them a LOT easier!