Monday, February 27, 2012

i'll have what she's having...

  • I hope Angelina's leg falls off.
  • Meryl Streep's dress was too big, but I liked it anyway.
  • I hate Natalie Portman because all men love her. I wish I didn't, but I do. Also, Max wisely pointed out that she looked like a strawberry.
  • That was the most boring 'In Memoriam' ever. Didn't more people die? They showed like, four people.
  • The daughter from The Descendants needs to get over herself. First of all, her name is Shailene. Second of all, when asked if she was excited at all of the buzz around the movie, she was kind of over it and said she has a lot of other things going on, so not really. Shailene pulled A Dreyfuss.
  • Ryan Seacrest is a very hard worker. I thought he handled Borat dumping dust all over him very well. I would've freaked out.
  • The jazz music in the balcony was dumb. I like that they tried something new, but that was DUMB.
  • The quip of the night goes to Max (he was on a roll!) When George Clooney's former-wrestler girlfriend tweeted from her front row seat, Max said, "It's called ringside, Stacy."
  • I love Octavia Spencer, but she needed to pull it together with that speech.
  • Bridesmaids should have won for Best Screenplay. I based my whole night around that happening AND IT DIDN'T.
  • Why does Bradley Cooper have a moustache? Is it because of The Artist?
  • I thought Billy Crystal did a fine job, but I think that's because I'm getting really old.
  • The Tom Hanks-Colonel Sanders comparisons on Twitter hit the nail on the head. No facial hair, unless it's adorable (see: Jason Sudeikis.)
  • The Dumb and Dumber 2.0 thing from Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis was awesome, and a big hit with our crowd.
  • I started to make fun of the Cirque de Soleil thing, but then everyone started yelling at me because they are very sophisticated and artsy and liked it.
Also, thanks so much to Brittney for co-hosting Oscar viewing with me, and to Kate, Alex, Emilie, Max, Christina, Matt and Prakash for coming over and bringing really amazing snacks. Is dip not the best? I love dips.


sfmike said...

The jazz in the balcony thing was SuperDumb, and so was the Cirque de Soleil thing so I would have joined your razzing. It reminded me of the year they had Michael Flatley and his fucking Irish step dancers performing for no particular reason whatsoever. I made Tony fast forward the Tivo while groaning.

Rather enjoyed Angela's leg. She's like the Supercharger Bunny of the Runway.

mal615 said...

I thought Billy Crystal did well too, but he needs to lay off of the botox in his forehead. His face didn't really look real...

On another note - I stole your practice of birthday blogging! Thanks for the idea - my family loves it!