Friday, January 27, 2012

and also my great-grandfather died on my birthday...

I once forgot a friend's birthday and he got all mad and me, pointing out that he never forgot my birthday. Well, unlike SOME people, I do not humbly and quietly test friendships by making people remember an arbitrary date no one cares about but me. I fucking announce my birthday in advance. (It's tomorrow!)
I share my birthday with a certain local blogger, who's taken to the internet to announce the occasion, updating the Wikipedia Page of the national disaster that falls on our birthday.

Anyway, I'm still way, way younger than Brock!
When Eve introduced me to Brock, he mentioned that he was an Aquarius, and I said, "Oh, I'm an Aquarius." And he said, "When's your birthday?"
"January 28th."
"MINE TOO!" He screamed across the bar of the Hotel Nikko. And then, in unison, forever binding our friendship, we both yelled, "The day the Challenger blew up!"


Clive Bixby said...

Happy Birthday, in advance.

As a reader of many years, I'm still torn as to whether something like this would make the most awesome of gifts or the most terrifying? I'll just leave it here for future reference for your friends and family to ponder. They do offer a free consultation after all.

Brock Keeling said...

@Clivem Rape porn is the gift that keeps on giving.

Clair said...

My grandma died on my birthday, but at least nobody blew up. Happy birthday, Beth!