Sunday, December 18, 2011

omg, let's talk about last night...

One of life's joys that I learned from my mother is the post-party gossip. And as I'm sure you know, because you are very cool and have lots of friends, everyone was having parties this past weekend.

The above was taken Saturday night. My perfect friend Catherine is dancing in the middle, holding a Coors Lite. Catherine and her fiance, Brian had just hosted us all at a fabulous cocktail soiree in their flawless apartment, so at midnight I dragged them to a house party in Nob Hill.
To the left (Catherine's right) is my friend Christine, the host of the (2nd) party. All night long, she was banging on a pot with a wooden spoon, in time with the music.
I started talking to this guy and eventually asked, "How do you know Christine?"
"I work at Trader Joe's." He said. "She was buying stuff for the party today and invited me."
Which is when I noticed he was still in his Trader Joe's outfit.
Anyway, I spent most of Sunday on the phone with all of these people. And for me, it was just as much fun talking about the parties as it was attending them. Catherine, Alice, Tara and Matt were all there, so I need their in-depth thoughts on everything that happened. And Melissa was at another party, and I was delighted to listen to all of her gossip from that. From now on, I will throw parties with next-day post-party discussion groups. It's like a book club, but for dumb people...

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Socially awkward party goer said...

It's not party gossip, but when I saw this short anecdote, I thought you might like it.