Friday, December 09, 2011

new york in photos...

I know. I'm still in New York. I'll be back tomorrow night, having spent an entire week looking up at brownstones and lofts and shitty apartments and dreaming of living here. The first half of the week, I stayed with my friend Dan and his girlfriend Mika. Above in Dan, waiting for me at the bar of Del Frisco's. Dan has lunch here FREQUENTLY and it's the kind of place were lots of men were having serious meetings. I found it all very exciting, my business lunch with Dan.

After crashing with Dan and Mika in Brooklyn, I'm now up in Washington Heights with Corinne, a friend of Melissa's who has a huge and fabulous apartment in what she describes as "the ghetto." Anyway, Corinne already had dinner plans on Wednesday night, and I wanted to wander the Upper West Side by myself. It was pouring rain and I had a book and at 9:30, I walked into Cafe Luxembourg and had cheese for dinner and made all sorts of friends at the bar.
Phil, the guy next to me, just got back from Yemen and when I asked him to watch my coat while I powdered my nose, he said, "You're with me, Beth. You won't have any problems." New York!
This guy was selling puppets at the Union Square Craft Fair. I'm pretty sure he's the greatest guy in the world, mainly because when I asked to take a picture of his sign, he posed in character for me.

Sunday, Mika and I walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan across the Williamsburg Bridge. It was fabulous and interesting. Coming towards us, if you zoom in, is a Hasidic couple. The woman was wearing a wig, because apparently they can't show their real hair to anyone but their husbands. This actually seems like a pretty good idea to me, as you would very rarely have to style your hair. Wigs = convenience.

My mother, a New Yorker trapped in the body of someone from Burlingame, got me tickets to see The Moth, a storytelling series. Last night's performance was held at The Player's Club, a private club for theatah-types ON Gramercy Park. I love Gramercy Park deeply, and walking into this huge brick mansion to find a low lit, magical, private club was THE highlight of my week.
Corinne and I wandered upstairs and discovered three stories of walls covered with paintings of actors and directors. Morgan Freeman, Christopher Plumber, Angela was awesome. And such a special, amazing place. We peeked in one door upstairs to discover a roundtable discussion on high drama or similar. By the fireside. In leather chairs. While a big event was going on downstairs. New York!

This is the back-half of the room in which we watched 5 people tell stories about Family Holiday Gatherings and Ungatherings. Serena Altschul was in the audience in amazing shoes. And one of the stories involved a perfectly lovely woman revealing how she was a fugitive from the law, mother of 3, prison escapee. You could hear a pin drop, it was so intense. Another storyteller was a regular contributor to This American Life (named Shalom) who talked about his first visit to a concentration camp. It was surprisingly hilarious.
Afterwards, Corinne and I went to a very fancy and chic Lebanese place called Ilili for a late dinner, where we bonded. I am now off to meet Dan in Little Italy, where I plan to reenact several scenes from Godfather II.
New York!


Cath @ Constance Reader said...

I love the photo with everybody texting as they sit at the bar. Are you sure you didn't accidentally detour to DC? ;)

Enjoy yourself!

Clair said...

My great aunt lived in the Gramercy Park Hotel. Awesome neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The first week of December is the best time to be in NYC. Locals are still in town, the Thanksgiving day parade crowd has left and Dinter and Christmas are in full swing.

BTW, DelFrisco's should be called DelRipOff. $10 for a baked potatoe. Come on!