Thursday, December 01, 2011

also, lord grantham is bernie from notting hill...

When I was a little girl (go with this), my parents took me on a trip to England and we toured all sorts of castles and country estates. At every single one, even at 5, I assumed that the minute I walked inside, they staff would gasp in delight. The missing heir, identified by my resemblance to a gilded portrait in the East lie-bree, had finally arrived.
As far as I'm concerned, I should be knee-deep in getting the downstairs gossip from my Lady's maid right now. Alas, no one at Balmoral ever figured out THE TRUTH. So I am stuck drooling over Downton Abbey like every other nerd.
Brock told be about Downton Abbey ages ago and I ignored him. On and on, he went, explaining to me how I'd never understand the complexities. Like Brock knows television. Please. He texts me once a week with some alert as to what's happening on Judge Joe Brown.
Also, I thought he was saying DownTOWN Abbey. I thought it all had something to do with The Beatles.
Finally, due to sheer boredom, I started in on Season 1, Episode 1 of Downton Abbey on Netflix.
Three days later, I emerged.
"You know what I've been watching?" I announced at Thanksgiving, "Downton Abbey."
"OH!" My mother screamed across the stuffing. "I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY!"
"ME TOO!" Dori's fork of green beans hovered mid-air. "It's SO good."
Screw the 49ers. (forced sports reference.) I am on the Downton Abbey bandwagon. And because I am an internet nerd, and I communicate on the internet with fellow internet nerds, I have the SECRET LINK TO SEASON TWO.
Season Two has, thus far, been unavailable in the United States because British people think they're better than us. I think we'll all agree that they are. But should you so wish, you can watch it in 10-minute increments on YouTube, which I have been doing.
As Brock is the one who first told me about Downton Abbey, he is very, "That's MY show" about the whole thing. And of course he is. Brock is such an O'Brien, sometimes. He is very upset that I won't send him the secret link to Downton Abbey Season 2.
But if YOU, my fellow classy American, have watched the first season of Downton Abbey and share my affection for Mr. Bates, Matthew Crawley, Lady Sybil and Anna the maid, not to mention the groundbreaking comedic work of Dame Maggie Smith, then do I have something for you...


Alexandra Jones said...

Have you seen this?

Brock Keeling said...

I want to embroider this entire thing on a pillow, and then show off the pillow at high tea!

Greg said...

Just sent an email to your spotsblog addy re: s2 of downton abbey...

the pink pixie said...

Downton!! I cannot wait for the Christmas special! The whole show is like a finely written symphony. Always moving, always beautiful, and always filled with the highest drama.