Monday, November 07, 2011

tourist trapped: important art and dumb photos...

Today's Tourist Trapped visits the After Dark Party at the Museum of the African Diaspora. Because we're artsy like that. It's up now, on SFGate.
And now, a word on photo booths at parties.
I love them! In a moment of profound self-awareness, Brock once said, "If we ever committed a crime, all the police would have to do to catch us would be to post our photos on a billboard. Because we'd just come there to stare at it."
So the perfect party activity for Brock and me (and really anyone unhealthily self-involved) is a photo booth, preferably with wacky props or fun backgrounds. This is different (and more fun) from having one's picture taken by a society photographer because 1) looking funny/serious/artsy/weird is encouraged and 2) it's less douchey as a Facebook profile picture.
(I will knock over elderly people to pose for both.)
As I type this, it occurs to me I am 33 years old, many of my friends have important things to do, like raise children, and I am focused on which parties have the best photo booths so I can constantly change my social media profile photo. This isn't really a life well-lived.
Deborah and Justin has us over yesterday afternoon and apologized for not having a 'step and repeat.'
How awesome would that be? Arriving in someone's home to briefly pose before a well-lit series of vodka logos?!? Yes please.
Anyway, in addition to the incredibly fabulous party at MoAD, which Brock awkwardly described as "sexy", they also had a really great photo booth. The night was thus a huge success...

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Seana said...

You totally needed to have your photo taken with those complimenting outfits on (that top is outstanding!). I was busy being pissed off that I couldn't get enough cell reception to "check in" at the Grand Cafe on Saturday. Meh, even when I do something fun, I get no credit. I'm like Rodney Dangerfield.