Tuesday, November 15, 2011

our first contest...

I decided to take this week off from the Culture Blog. Just a week. Just two posts. At first, the load off was glorious (heh.) But now I feel like I have eight hundred things to say and I can't get onto the internet fast enough.

But first: A Blog Contest for Free Shit!

I've never had a contest on here before because the only other company that has approached me to offer a reader give-away was some bubble bath with cats on it. And I just thought was too much of a premonition of my future. But I met this very fun gal from 'Google Places' at a party and she said, "You know, we could do a contest with your readers. With prizes."

PRIZES?!?! Including Google schwag? Okay!

Here's the catch: Google Places is the new personalized local recommendation engine powered by the reviews of users and their friends. So basically, you guys write a review, good or bad about any local business, and you get entered to win an array of exciting prizes. They need their site to be populated with reviews, obviously. The best review from this little contest (I think I help get to decide) gets a $100 gift certificate to one of my favorite new restaurants, Park Tavern. Lemme know when you're going, winner, and I will even get the owner to come over and make a big deal about you, so bring a hot new date. We will make you look so cool. (Also, if you can't find a date, I will gladly go with you. We will talk to strangers at the bar.)

Here's the deal:

1. Follow @GoogleSF
2. Go to Google.com/Places and select “Start Rating” (you’ll need to create a Google account if you haven’t already).
3. Fill out this form: http://goo.gl/nQj75
4. Review as many SF places as you like by 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, November 27th. Each review you write will be judged as a new entry.
5. We’ll go through all the reviews you write during the contest period and give them points. The winner will receive $100 gift card to Park Tavern, with the second and third place winners receiving some awesome Google Places surprises! (Please let it be a Google commuter mug. Please let it be a Google commuter mug.)
6. The winner will be notified via email and may collect their prize on Monday, November 28th via this very blog
Even if you don't win the contest, there will be lots of fun to be had with Google Places (reviewing and swag!) We will reward other cool Google swag for people who come close to winning! (Again, fingers crossed for anything that says Google on it, because I love free corporate junk.)

The rules:
- 18 and up only (Who am I kidding. No one under 35 reads this.)
- Full contest rules here.

Basically, I find blog contests a little cheesy. Or a lot cheesy. Whatever. I feel like I never give you folks anything tangible for reading this nonsense. Now, should you so wish, Ima try and get you to provide a corporation with free online content so you might be able to get some free deviled eggs. And God-willing, a commuter mug...


Clair said...

I'm under 35. At least for 6 more months.

Larry Page said...

Well, if we are known for one thing, it is our mugs.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! I won I won!!