Sunday, November 20, 2011

not so serious! not so serious!

My old pal Adam and I went to go see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy at a special screening last week. The British Consul General hosted a cocktail party at the InterContinental and then along with a bunch of people who are really into England, we walked over to Westfield to see an early screening of this British spy thriller.
This is exclusively how I see movies now. I need dignitaries and free Vittel.
The movie is fantastic, although very complicated. One really needs to pay attention the whole time, a challenge for me because Adam has really funny movie commentary.
I found the main attraction in 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' to be the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch, who cool people will know best as Sherlock Holmes on the BBC's ridiculously short 3-episode 'Sherlock.'
Benedict Cumberbatch makes me imagine things like engraved invitations that say, "Benedict and Beth Cumberbatch invite you to their annual Boxing Day Party at their hunting lodge in Hampsted-upon-Thames-upon-Locksley. Please bring a parlor game or celebrity impression to share."
And as we learned after the movie during the Q&A, there's a lot of low-key homosexuality in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. So, big thumbs up on that. And now, onto the Q&A.
The director, Tomas Alfredson and actor Gary Oldman answered questions from the flawless Liam Mayclem. Not that anyone should be surprised, but Gary Oldman is really weird.
Gary Oldman is a very serious British actor, so he mumbled, and thought about every question for 20 minutes before answering it. When one is a very serious thespian, one can no longer be enthusiastic about anything in real life. One can not rapidly respond or appear engaged. When sitting in a director's chair in front of a movie screen and asked, "How did you get into character for this role?", a serious actor will:
1. Look annoyed and/or pained by the question.
2. Stare at the wall, ceiling or floor silently for a really long time, while the audience grows uncomfortable.
3. Provide an inaudible answer.
A not-so-serious actor will clap his hands together and say, "Oh, I just pretended I was that guy and read some books about it and wore a cool costume. Then I said my lines and took direction. And the whole time, I concentrated really hard on being a 1970's British spy. It was awesome."
Guess which kind of answer Gary Oldman gave...


Totally forgot he was married to Uma Thurman said...

So, you'll be splitting your time between Hampsted-upon-Thames-upon-Locksley and Savannah, then?

sfmike said...

"This is exclusively how I see movies now. I need dignitaries and free Vittel."

I think that will be one of my 2012 New Years resolutions.

Beth Spotswood said...

@Totally: I know. Uma really gets around. And yes.

@Mike: Vittel sounds funny, I think. It is my official bottled water punchline. I don't even know where one might buy it.

Tabitha said...

Benedict Cumberbatch makes me imagine those same things.