Friday, November 04, 2011

necessary conversation: writing jokes is hard, as evidenced by this video...

This week's Necessary Conversation checks out all of the awesome parodies, drama, humor and snark in the Mayor's Race, which I am thrilled is almost over. I can only imagine how f***ing exhausted campaign staff, volunteers and candidates are. Jesus Christ, these people are everywhere, working far harder than any of us. Or at least me.

Episode 50: It's Not Easy Being Green from Necessary Conversation on Vimeo.

We filmed this episode at the break of dawn on Sunday so Mel could go to the Niners game. I feel like we were too cranky in it. Although I just got a cranky email from someone from an (unnamed) campaign who feels like we made the whole episode about Ed Lee vs. Leland Yee and that's really unfair to other candidates.
Like I said, I'm ready for this shit to be over.
Anyway, have a spectacular weekend, don't forget to vote on Tuesday and you know what? You're doing a really good job...

Hey! I was sitting on a conference call today when my friend Joe showed up and was like, "Can you say, 'This is a test, this is only a test' on camera?" A reporter willing to put me on the local news? I didn't even ask why. I kept talking after saying my line. That's the part Joe used, by the way. Because he is an artisté:


Seana said...

Episode FIFTY?!?! That calls for celebratory Diet Coke and Fan Fare! Well done to both of you for cranking out 50 of these gems.

Beth Spotswood said...

Awww, thank you Seana! We didn't even really acknowledge, mainly because I think we got off count somewhere. Seriously. This is either 52 or 49. But whatever. FIFTY-ISH!