Monday, October 24, 2011

tourist trapped: buca di beppo...

Historically, when I meet Melissa's friends from college or back home, they are instantly my favorite people in the world. I just love them! Still, I generally try way too hard to impress them as evidenced by this photo:

As Melissa's friend Corinne pointed out, "It's the jazz hands that really sell it."
So true.
Anyway, for reasons I still don't understand, we had dinner at Buca di Beppo, thus resulting in today's Tourist Trapped. Corinne, far better at being unintentionally impressive than me, asked for extra caramel sauce for our bizarre dessert. "Diego" brought it to us in a coffee mug.

The guy sitting next to Melissa is her boyfriend, Christopher Caen. Yep, that Caen. I'm just waiting for another commenter to make some jab about how much Christopher's dad would HATE what I write so Christopher can swoop in and be all, "Wrong!"
I will make him say that, of course. He's dating my best friend, after all. I get to make him do stuff, right?
Anyway, manga it all up over at SFGate...

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Alvin Ailey said...

Corinne is correct. When in doubt in the midst of a social gathering, jazz hands. Always.