Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this would be an amazing nora ephron film...

Did you read this weekend's New York Times Magazine "A Death-Row Love Story"? I am generally and immediately attracted to any information about women who fall in love with men in jail. Plus, this story is extra-weird. For example, “I knew you were going to say your favorite color is blue,” he wrote. “It belongs to you. My favorite colors are black and crimson. I love deep, dark red things made of red velvet.”
In 'A Death Row Love Story,' a 33-year old (!) successful, Manhattan-based landscape architect falls in love with the 21-year old goth member of the West Memphis Three after seeing a documentary, which because the internet is awesome, you can watch right here.
The West Memphis Three are three young men who were (if you believe common sense and various celebrities) wrongly convicted of the brutal rape, torture and murder of three little boys. Essentially, the three guys they arrested were convicted of liking heavy metal and wearing black in rural Arkansas. One of the West Memphis Three confessed to the crimes, implicating his friends, because he was scared, confused and "borderline intellectual functioning." But really, all three of them had been in trouble, listened to Metallica and into the same dumb goth shit my weird friend in high school demanded we all be into.
The trials and tribulations of the (now free, kinda) West Memphis Three is a whole other story. I'm particularly riled up about the love story of this 33-year old writing gushing love letters back and forth with this 21-year old on death row in Arkansas.
"Soon enough, an envelope from the penitentiary appeared in her mailbox. The handwriting was styled like old Gothic print, the kind you’d find on a Halloween greeting card. Before she opened the envelope, Davis made sure she was alone."
On an excited scale of 1-10, this has me at about a 8.5.
In the movie that made Lorri from Manhattan fall in love with Damien from West Memphis, he is interviewed in jail, slowly chain-smoking and looking exactly like Robert Smith. And now, due to legal maneuvering that involves a guilty plea but-they-still-got-out-2-months-ago, Damien and Lorri are married and living together in the Big Apple.
After reading this NYT Magazine piece, I read and watched as much as I could about the West Memphis Three. I think it's great they got out (and celebrated on Eddie Vedder's jet) and hope the yokle, unsophisticated system that convicted these men is wildly regretful.
But far more importantly, who the hell killed the three little boys and are they going to get away with it forever. Please call me to discuss...

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Seana said...

there was a People article about these guys last week (edition with Jackie-O on the front, or maybe a week before) as well. You've probably already seen it.