Tuesday, September 13, 2011

trust me. i've been a lot of candles...

Last week for our movie and dinner night, Tara and I saw "Our Idiot Brother" at the Sundance Kabuki Theater. The Sundance Kabuki, where I will never get used to picking my seats in advance, has the most wonderful couches in their upstairs lobby. Everytime I pass them, I make a mental note to come back and sit there.
Someday. Sigh.
"Our Idiot Brother" was not what I was expecting, but I liked it in much the way I like any movie that makes me want to move to New York, wear grey wool scarves and have complicated relationships with artsy people. Also, "Ben" from Parks and Recreation is in "Our Idiot Brother" and Tara and I both agreed that we like him very much. I'd watch Ben be blasse about anything.
Also in "Our Idiot Brother" was Steve Coogan. After seeing "The Trip" and having read that he had (according to Courtney Love) something to do with Owen Wilson trying to kill himself, we hate Steve Coogan. He wants so desperately to be a star in America that now I wish to deny him that honor. Let's all agree to halt the Coogan momentum.
Wrapping this review up, I laughed out loud in "Our Idiot Brother" and got some new accessory ideas, thus making the show worth my $10.
Tara and I headed across the street to Dosa Fillmore for a late dinner. We both considered then opted against the fixed price menu and ordered a la carte, not that we knew what we were ordering. Dosa, as I'm sure you know because you probably read glossy local magazines, is Southern Indian cuisine and much cooler than boring old tikka masala. All of our food was very lovely and we felt much chicer for having ate it. My only complaint about this experience, which involved walking into a packed restaurant without a reservation and being miraculously seated immediately, was that our server spoke to us while simultaneously gazing off into the distance. It was as if she could see a tropical sunset somewhere past the walls of the building, walls which uptight people like myself can't see through.
I asked her using a sentence every San Francisco has uttered a thousand times, "Can you tell me about the watermelon and paneer salad?"
"Well," She sighed, her gaze fixed on her home planet, "it has watermelon, and paneer. Which is cheese."
Mmmm. That sounds good. I'll have that...

*TK of 40goingon28 also saw "Our Idiot Brother." His thoughts here.


sfmike said...

What does Steve Coogan have to do with Owen Wilson's suicide attempt? You can't just throw out these tidbits without a little more explanation for the clueless and uninitiated.

Beth Spotswood said...

My apologies!


Anonymous said...

It's South Indian food at Dosa. North Indian food is what you get at every other Indian restaurant you could wander into!

Beth Spotswood said...

Oh God, you're right! Southern. Dosa. Got it.