Monday, September 26, 2011

that's right. i'm a naval aviator...

Watching Top Gun with 1500 strangers in a public park allows one to see things they may have missed in previous viewings. Like why the hell does Kelly McGillis have a parrot? It makes no sense to me that someone on the set was like, "You know Charlie would have? A pet parrot. Can someone call a parrot wrangler?"
Also, I can't tell you what a great time we had watching Top Gun in Saturday night. My friends are really like-able and great chefs/snack-bringers, the weather was perfect, the crowd was behaved. It was lovely! I've turned it into a Tourist Trapped and it's up on SFGate right now.

Also, in case you missed it because my father has snatched up every issue in town, here is a link to the 7x7 Hot 20 article on yours truly. Did I thank you for voting for me? My high school put this on Facebook, so now more than ever, THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME...

Oh, wait. Hold on. While I have you, my friend Christian made an AWESOME documentary, covering a fascinating family mystery. It's 45-minutes long, called 'The Death of Danny the King' and I've watched it twice. Watch it RIGHT HERE.You might recognize Christian from the PBS documentary series 'Carrier' which you should also watch. It's like The Real World: Aircraft Carrier. I love that Christian is making his own films!

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Lisa said...

Geezus Beth, combine all my favorite things in one blog post:

My obsessive love of Top Gun (sorry I missed it but football takes precedence), giving a middle finger to the jerks we went to high school with, and references to Carrier/a friendship with Christian. You win today.