Friday, September 02, 2011

necessary conversation: sexual hypocrisy...

Today's Necessary Conversation is here to welcome you into the long weekend. Enjoy it, then leave work. Seriously. You have my permission...

Necessary Conversation: Sexual Hypocrisy from Necessary Conversation on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I love your show. Love it a lot, watch it constantly. Constantly. While driving, showering, sleeping, eating. You're the best.

But...(yes, even the biggest fans always have a 'but' hidden away)

You have to get mics. Seriously. With nice pro mics you'd sound a-MAZ-ing. Really. I'll even buy the mics if you can't scrounge them up.


Beth Spotswood said...

Dear PM,
Thank you! And we know. We're really just using what we have access to. People complain about our sound all the time. That's why I shout!
Please feel free to buy us mics. We will use them.
Thanks so much for watching us! I assure you that anything you can't hear is dumb anyway.
Beth (and Mel)

Anonymous said...

Tony Hall comment=perfection.