Tuesday, August 16, 2011

how about we 'err' on the side of photoshop...

Please forgive my lack of posting this week. I have lots of excuses. But I also have lots to talk about, so let's catch up and we'll get back on track.
1. This 7x7 photo shoot is supposed to happen on Friday. I don't know where. I don't know when. All I know is I'm supposed to bring "several" outfits and "err on the side of hot." Seriously. I have an email that says that. As I have never ended up on that side on purpose much less by accident, I am gravely concerned I will ruin my shoot with my desperate grinning. Catherine came over last night to examine my clothing and pose me standing, sitting and leaning, noting that I have trouble "acting natural." I insist on utilizing props. Like serial killer coffee table books.
2. I am taking a weeklong break from the Culture Blog. I need to catch up on my shit and there are only so many posts people are willing to read about Mayoral debates. It's only August and I'm starting to get sick of these candidates. Apparently, the feeling is mutual. We also need to catch up on Necessary Conversation. I think in our attempt to produce an episode every week, we burned ourselves out and got sick of it. We'll be up and running Friday with our take on SFChefs. Look for interviews with Gary Danko, Hubert Keller and Brock Keeling!
3. After practice-posing, Catherine and her fiance Brian took me to dinner at Slow Club to celebrate the photo shoot. (I am really milking this magazine thing.) Anyway, Brian recommended a New Yorker article which I then went home and read. If you are at all interested in bad-ass Navy Seal types killing Osama Bin Laden and a month behind on your New Yorker reading (and by a month, I mean a year) then you will dig this article.
4. I hate to say it, but I am fucking over the Jersey Shore.
5. Tomorrow, I go back to the gym. If you thought I was nervous going to the dentist, I am almost crying at the thought of re-joining a gym. But I'm just getting vainer and older. So here we go. I will keep you posted on any World Gym antics.
6. San Francisco drag sensation (and my awesome friend) Pollo Del Mar has a new YouTube webshow called Name Dropping. I get a shout-out in Episode One! And also, Pollo is a really great person. I'm all about promoting Pollo. Watch Name Dropping, please. Pollo and I attempted to do commentary on last Thursday's debate, where I've since gotten a lot of shit for saying that Leland Yee was funny. What? He was! Leland Yee is the only candidate I've never really met and also, he's got the best crazy past for blog fodder. But if the guy makes a funny joke, he should get credit for making a funny joke.
7. Finally, and speaking of everyone losing their shit over the Mayor's race, check this email one of the non-leading candidates, David Villa-Lobos just sent out. Apparently, he had trouble filing for Mayor 12 seconds before the deadline, "My wife crying, and distraught, went to the city hall bathroom and collapsed. Candidate Flips-Out: It was at that point that I went crazy, I phoned the DOE and gave them "HELL"; with the salty-distasteful superlatives flying. After all, my wife and I had already exhausted our entire savings, our daughters college fund on this campaign thus far, and borrowed money to pay the fee." I guess he's not on the ballot. As someone who has collasped in a public bathroom before, that shit isn't cool. As a voter, however, I'm not really reassured that this guy is blowing his daughter's college fund on what I would have generously called a long-shot...

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Is it too late to consider something like this among your "several" outfits?