Friday, August 05, 2011

don't get too excited. we're 72 measly hours away from monday...

Hey guys. TGIF, right? I've had quite a week, and have assuming you have too. Let's take it easy today, shall we?
Here is my tale of meeting Emilio Estevez on Wednesday night. It was pretty fucking awesome.
Here is today's Necessary Conversation, which is 80's sitcom style flashback footage:

We're filming at SF Chef's Grand Tasting tonight, so if you're there and see us talking to a hot chef, don't be a cockblock. (I'm just kidding. Come say hi, so we look famous.)
Finally, this story that Eve sent me last week has been on my mind. I keep re-reading it because 1) it's so hauntingly written and 2) I have a lot of versions of me in 20 years, but this is the most likely.
Have an awesome weekend, and as my mother once enthusiastically and inadvertently ended a business-related voicemail, "I love you..."


Howard Hughes said...


Beth, I suggest a pact with your Burrito Buddy™ requiring him to alert authorities within a reasonable amount of time.

When taking inventory of the scene, they will note an inordinate number of October 2011 7x7 magazines.

sfmike said...

As someone says in that recent masterpiece girlie movie, Easy A, "The only thing worse than chlamydia is Florida." Things will never get THAT bad for you as long as you don't move to that failed state.