Tuesday, August 30, 2011

also, the theme song* is badass...

Over dinner with my brother last week, Alex recommended I watch the BBC's 'Sherlock' on Netflix on Demand. "Trust me." He said. "You'll really, really like it."
Turns out, I fucking love it. The first five minutes of the first episode kind of plodded along and I instantly decided that my brother hardly even knows me.
But then Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet. I was suddenly riveted, slowly backing away from the screen and realizing that I was having a historic television moment. Maybe it's one of those things you have to be in the right mood for, but as I watched 'Sherlock' on my laptop in the middle of the night, I was in the right mood.
Each episode is an hour and a half long. Dr. Watson is played by Martin Freeman, Tim from the original British 'The Office" and Sherlock is played by, wait for it, Benedict Cumberbatch.
You will not be surprised to learn that I now love this Benedict Cumberbatch.
Before you roll your eyes like some nerdy Sherlock Holmes purist, allow me to inform you that this show, which is a year or so old in the UK, won the BAFTA, everyone who knows about it already loves it and it's universally regarded as marvelous.
But here's the thing. There are only three episodes.
And now I've got to wait until next year to find out what happens with Moriarty. Next year! Which is the only thing wrong with the British.
"Oh yes, we'll make this marvelous show and have a fabulous cliff-hanger three episodes in. But then we'll make you wait two Christmases before they next three. We're a two-thousand year old country. We've got all the time in the world."

*It is apparently not the Opening song but "Sherlock's Theme" that I love.


pooj said...

I caught it visiting my parents last year and was GLUED to the tv. Amazing...I actually gasped aloud during the last scene with Moriarty. So good!

East Bay Burbs said...

i am absolutely obsessed. OB-SESSED. It's from Stephen Moffat, who did/does some Doctor Who writing, and I wanted to punch a baby when I realized there were only three episodes.

Lisa said...

Sometimes you're in my brain and it frightens me. I thought I told you about this? It's AMAZING and I didn't check how many episodes there were. I was pissed when there were no more on Netflix. "Wait, what? NOOOOO!"

Also: seeing Arsenic & Old Lace Thursday, thanks to you, with my mom if you want to join in.