Tuesday, July 19, 2011

someone alert the pulitzer nomination committee...

For some reason, whenever Gwyneth Paltrow writes about picking squash blossoms from her rooftop London garden for her homemade wood-fired pizzas, I want to throw a drink in her face. But when San Francisco social icon Denise Hale is profiled and interviewed on some random blog and I read, "Even in the country she looks elegant, dressed in monogrammed petit-point Stubbs & Wootton loafers, white gabardine slacks, and a white Chanel t-shirt." I think, YES! YES! YES!
You must (I repeat, must) read this post, entitled, "Denise Hale: Society’s Superstar, Blog Darling."
Please bask in my favorite quotes from the profile:

"Quietly and anonymously philanthropic, she pulls the talent for intime weekends with famous (and notorious) actors, editors-in-chief, writers, legal bigwigs, orchestra conductors, chefs, a tech mogul or two, princes in exile, and dear ultra-private friends."

I need some ultra fucking private friends, stat. "Ultra-private" is used in this post, by the way, 57 times.

"An A-list guest (hello, Graydon Carter), Hale adores longtime pal Betsey Bloomingdale, couturier Ralph Rucci, and young dukes and duchesses, decorators, stylists, leading dermatologists, city honchos, fashion designers, heart specialists and cancer researchers, musicians, painters, chefs, editors, priests, politicos, and the talented and witty around the world."

'Leading dermatologists' and 'priests' are my favorites. But I love them all.

Hale, beloved among those of royal blood (sometimes just a drop), current and long-exiled, a favorite of major domos and animal welfare activits."

Activits. That is the ultra-private version of an activist. You wouldn't know about it. Why would you? Were you wearing Bulgari bracelets when you were nineteen? I thought not.

"...even slipping semi-incognito into the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Shanghai. “It’s Denise Minnelli Hale” (no explanation required). "

Where are these people who talk like this and how can I become friends with them? I'd be delighted to stand around hotel lobbies semi-recognizing people.

...the suave Prince Michael of Greece (can it be?) and his lovely wife make a beeline to greet the silver-haired beauty."

I don't know. Can it? Who the hell knows what Prince Michael of Greece looks like?

"When she heads back to the city, seldom do her Emma Hope embroidered silk pumps stand still, as she’s been hopping over to London to dine with Charles and Camilla at Highgrove, attending a so-very-private wedding or quietly dining in a private club with girlfriends."

When she's back in the city, she's going to London! Also, excuse me while I go find out about these Emma Hope pumps.

She keeps his letters in an album at her apartment on Russian Hill in San Francisco. (I’ve read these typewritten signed missives.)"

Signed, no less.

""I think I took more photos of Denise Minnelli than of anyone except my wife and my daughter," said Dunne, now a beloved contributor to Vanity Fair."

This was written yesterday. Dominick Dunne died in 2009. He came back from the dead to talk about Denise Hale being amazing. As well he should.

From the interview? Favorites include:

DDS: Favorite pleasure? DH: Walking beneath a full moon at midnight in the garden in my country house. It’s completely silent.

You know who else liked to do that? Ralph Fiennes in Red Dragon.

Among my single male friends: Michael Tilson Thomas, Ken Fulk, Greg Lopez, Dr Seth Matarasso."

I don't even know what to do with this information but I love having it. Also, upon first reading I thought that said, 'George Lopez."

Obviously, I could go on. And on. Forever. This blog post is magnificent in so many ways. Gwyneth's GOOP posts make me feel like there's this life I should be living, if only I was as organized, hardworking and self-controlled as Gwyneth. Whereas this post on Denise Hale: Don't Even Try just makes me love and admire that this impossibly fabulous woman exists at all, and deigns to call our city home.
Allow me to say as I sit in my cubicle wearing J. Crew loafers I bought off eBay, merci Denise...

PS: Everyone is talking about this! And by everyone I mean Brock on SFist. Also, please vote on 7x7. (I know. I know.)

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Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Many readers come to my blog, THE STYLE SALONISTE...from your blog...and...I love that they read your ultra-witty and ultra-private comments...and click on over to find THE STYLE SALONISTE...

This is one of my favorite spoofs and I never tire of reading it. Laughing out loud, in the true and real and ultra-private sense.
love it, DIANE