Saturday, July 02, 2011

let me tell you a'somethin' about my family, part two...

The most important work being done right now on the internet is Jay Mohr's blog about the Real Housewives of New Jersey on Jay Mohr, if you're unfamiliar, played Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire. That's pretty much it.
It's helpful if you've watched the episode prior to Jay's recap, but it's probably entertaining even if you haven't. I, of course, have seen the episode.
I have always seen the episode.
Joy Mohr is both really funny in his observations of these wonderful ladies and their families. But he also takes it really seriously. Like, more so than you or I. And I take this pretty goddamn seriously. For example Jay asks, " could Melissa say regarding her husband, 'He wants his sister to be real,' when last week Joey Gorga told Teresa to her face that, 'Melissa doesn't like you, because you tell it like it is.' Pick a lane Gorgas, which is it? Do you want Teresa to be real or are you mad at Teresa for being real? I need to know, like, for real."
This guy is invested in the show, right? Personally, I don't care if she's mad because Theresa is or isn't real. Unlike Jay Mohr. He cares big time. WHICH I LOVE.
He also says wonderful bon mots such as, "Jacqueline seems uncomfortable around the guns and says to Chris, 'I'm getting my period. Do you really want me around guns?' I think that was Aileen Wuornos' defense..."
When Jacqueline said that, the only thing I could think of was, "Is that the kind of shit you tell your husband when you're married? Do I have to do that if I get married? I don't want to be announcing when I'm on my period IN FRONT OF CAMERAS much less my beloved spouse. I will never just toss that out there, all casual, in the gun discussion."
I'm still thinking about that. Married people, is period-talk a thing? I need to know.
Back to Jay Mohr, "I have to take a time out here and give some respect to Richie. For a Lebanese guy, he is the most Italian guy I have ever seen. He looks like a handsome Andrew Dice Clay, if Andrew Dice Clay went to college. Also is anyone else worried about Richie's peripheral vision with those enormous sides he has on his glasses? He looks like a carriage horse wearing blinders."
Yes! This is so true! He totally does!
I like Richie too. I like that whole family. And I like how fucking terrified Kathy is of Caroline. I would not fuck with Caroline. Also, if I were Vito's family I would step up the deli sales because the Manzo's seem to be overcompensating with their whole, "It's no big deal that Lauren's boyfriend's family is middle class. There is much honor in hard work. And what a lovely deli you have!"
Did anyone else notice all of the "Gluten Free!" signs at the deli? Someone is turning over in their Sicilian grave at that nonsense.
Anyway, I just caught up on the latest episode and with Jay Mohr's blog and I'm all riled up about it. As I result, for this entire holiday weekend I will dress as if I am a regular shopper at Posche...

On a related video note (that's a stretch) there was no Necessary Conversation today because the Pride Parade episode is taking forever to edit. We have 21 interviews (including Brock!) and it's a doozy to put together. We're thinking Wednesday? I hope it'll be worth the wait!


Eve said...

Not to offend delicate sensibilities, Beth, but it can be challenging to hide your menstrual cycle from someone with whom you have intimate relations. So it's better for many (not all! Everyone is different!) couples that the subject is broached, than to have it be a surprise.

Anonymous said...

The topic comes up monthly given the fact that you and the bleeder are in such close proximity. My understanding, from my spouse and her girlfriends, is that it is tough because they are usually very horny during the time their "friend" visits and yet they don't like to have sex during the cycle, for obvious reasons. So it is a challenge.

TK said...

Jay Mohr was also in a short-lived but TRULY HILARIOUS series on Fox called "Action," in which he played a sleazeball Hollywood producer-type. It's worth looking for on Netflix. Too fucking funny.