Friday, July 15, 2011

if i win, i'll get gold caps...

Today's reason you should vote for me (again) in the 7x7 Hot Ho contest is because I am 100% positive I am the only candidate who spent the ENTIRE morning in a chair at the dental school trying to get discount tooth care. Not only that, I am probably the only one there who became noticeably emotional when presented with the entirety of what those barbarians plan to do to me, include "extract" my wisdom teeth. AND I was so pitiful, I made my very sweet dental school student get choked up.
"Oh, Beth! Can you just tell me right now why you are upset? I am upset that you are upset!"
Truthfully, I was just exhausted from being there since dawn, having three different professors come over and judge my mouth without really talking to me, sitting in front of the x-ray machine for so long that someone came by and said, "We need to move her away from the radiation at this point" and then at 1pm, reading over her shoulder at my chart to see, "$2,565."
I responded in a very un-7x7-like fashion, by throwing my bag across the room, collapsing onto the floor and slitting my wrists with a tooth mirror. When she asked if I could come in Monday night, I was all, "I need to check my schedule!"
I snatched my iPhone, looked at my calendar and mumbled, "Yeah. I got nothing."
So today's reason that you should vote for me is that my morning was so shitty and gross that a 22-year old dental student actually got teary, she felt so bad for me and my jacked grill.
Vote here! You should vote every day! You should also floss every day...

Oh, and you can always find us over at the Huff Post SF, but we're still getting into the new swing of things so here's the video in case you're feeling lazy, as I am:

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Dr. Jang and Associates said...

"We need to move her away from the radiation at this point"

Wow. NC wig, from prop to necessity? Or maybe just super powers!