Wednesday, June 01, 2011

now THIS is a tourist trapped...

You can watch almost every serial killer documentary on YouTube. FYI. (I get that this is a weird way to spend time. I'm sure you do things that I would think are weird.) Anyway, I was up to my usual, "The Nightstalker: Part 3 of 6" recently when I decided to look for Zebra Killing video, because no one ever talks about the Zebra Killings. Except me...and apparently this guy.

Before you chose to watch this video, and I think that you should when you're ready, bear in mind the following:
1. The Zebra Killings are horrible and will give you nightmares. You also might not want them described in your workplace. These videos are verbally graphic.
2. One of the Zebra Killers shot former Mayor, wonderful human being and my awesome friend Art Agnos TWICE. And "Russ", the guy in this video gets all political out of the blue, calling Art a Bolshevik. The next scene involves "Russ" driving along the gorgeous Embarcadero, which is gorgeous, by the way, because of Art Agnos.
3. This is Part 1 of 2. You should allot 20 minutes of your day to watch this.

And now, a few remarks:

1. Who the hell is this guy and what was he eating that got all over his shirt?
2. Sweet mustache/limo combination.
3. Is he still making these? Can I go on one? And would that be safe?

I have to say, as incredibly weird as these videos are (and there are more), this is, as far as I can tell, an accurate look at the Zebra Killings. It is also an accurate look at what might happen to me if I spend to much time on this shit...


Holly said...

wow that is really interesting, thanks. I also spend a creepy amt of time watching serial killer docs.

You might be interested to hear this story: I met my around the corner neighbor a couple weeks back when he was having a garage sale. he is a fabulous gay man who has performed as a drag queen and so of course his sale had all kinds of great stuff like a whole bunch of sailor hats, glittery snow globes, campy photos of Heklina and Bette Davis and the like (not together, those were 2 separate photos but anyway).

So anyhow I picked up a book about a serial killer in Houston in the 70s and my neighbor was like, oo you like serial killer stuff? I want to show you something! and he ran into the house and came back with a small cute painting of a flower and bird that was made by JOHN WAYNE GACY. Super creepy.

He also told me that two houses down there was an apartment that the police believe the Zebra Killer hid out in between murders, based on evidence they found. I don't know if it is true but I would not be surprised.

Fortuitous timing said...

I do believe this thread is relevant to your interests.

You're welcome.