Friday, June 17, 2011

necessary conversation: a musical tribute...

I attended a Mayoral Forum last night in which the microphone was broken UNTIL TONY HALL SPOKE INTO IT. And then, knowing that pure majestic velvet manliness was pouring over it, the microphone was all, "Alright. Point taken. ON."
If people were elected to office on the awesomeness of their vocal chords, Tony Hall would be president, prime minister and king of the universe. Which brings me to todays' Necessary Conversation, a musical tribute to Tony Hall:

Episode 36: The Musical Episode from Necessary Conversation on Vimeo.

There are some badass candidates in this Mayor's race and Tony Hall is one of them. And so not that it's necessary to point out, but this video was made with some serious love for TH. And a love of wedding songs. And a love of our talented director, Sean Owens who responded to a text saying, "We need you to bring an old man wig, a mic and some dad-clothes to the studio" by showing up and,'ll see.

*UPDATE* To his IMMENSE credit, Tony Hall just sent me a rad email. As a friend just said, "That is a pro fucking move. I am impressed."

Have a great weekend!

PS: Happy early Father's Day dads, especially to my dad, the best guy I know.

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Henry said...

Poor Tony, you gals are cruel!