Thursday, June 30, 2011

i just totally crashed this 7x7 list...

Today, 7x7 unleashed it's list of nominations for the Reader's Choice Award in their 20 Under (and over) 40 List. So basically, 7x7 gets to pick 19 people on the list, and you get to pick the 20th person from a list of 49 candidates.
Guess who's on the list?
Me! Did you guess me? It's me, by the way. Me and 48 pillars of society. They're all do-gooders or wine directors or internet geniuses or CEOs.
I've crashed this list, obviously.
You can vote right here! What are you waiting for? VOTE!
I just want to see if I can make it to the next round. Oh yes. there around rounds. And we're not getting our hopes up. Last year, some sort of health organization or something won. I have no idea. They probably save goddamn lives, as if I can compete with that nonsense.
Anyway, 7x7 you guys. Glossy. Photo shoots. Gift bags. Silk tops with cuffed jeans. Statement necklaces. Coconut water. Wood-fired pizza. Infinity scarves. Cliff-top weekend resorts. Sunscreen. The Bar Method. Caring about charity. I COULD GO ON...


thesoniashow said...

I voted for you!

Screw those life-saving people. Everyone knows that saving lives is its own reward.

Clair said...

Fuck this charity stuff, you're funny, which is much more important. I voted, and good luck!1

DJTennessee said...

I count 2 do-gooders out of 49 candidates, and one of them is a multiple member team.


And srsly, 7x7... pics or GTFO