Monday, May 02, 2011

needless to say, it was tough driving home in rhonda the honda...

Today's Tourist Trapped is up! This week, Brock and I head to Half Moon Bay for brunch at the Ritz Carlton. Actually, we spent the night there (in our own, exciting rooms!) and I should never complain about my life EVER because after Sunday Brunch, we got to test-drive a Tesla down the Pacific Coast Highway.
I plugged in my iPhone and we listened to Nelly (yeah, I have Nelly on my iTunes) and screamed and yelled like little girls when we hit 90 MPH.
This is not how we roll, by the way. We never roll like this.
I nervously signed something without reading it before stepping into this sexy, sexy machine. But that's not what today's Tourist Trapped is about. Oh no. Today, we pour over photos of fancy brunch and dine with a crazy person. There's always got to be a crazy person.
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George said...

The art of cured meats is pretty much my favorite art form. Awesome.

"I flew too close to the sun on wings of pastrami."

Seana said...