Friday, April 29, 2011

i don't feel so good...

TGIF! Amirite? Ugh.
Today brings you another episode of Necessary Conversation. The name is this episode is "Pretty Offensive" so I hope you enjoy it and are appropriately offended. Also, be sure to be our fan on Facebook, as we'll be announcing the date and location of begging you to be in our LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE. And it'll include free booze.
With that said, here's Episode 29...

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What the hell happened to Jonathan Karsh? said...


You two need your own tv show. Here's hoping it would be more People are Talking with Ann and Ross and less The Paget Show (although Paget was and still is awesome).

I know too much about locally produced talk shows, but not as much as Peter Hartlaub. I bow to his skills.