Wednesday, March 23, 2011

they'd be hard pressed to find the mill...

I am always delighted to report that I am from Mill Valley, California. While I could kind of hem and haw about being from San Francisco, really, deep down, I'm from Mill Valley. According to me, when my folks moved to Mill Valley in 1976, it was a sleepy college town without a college. My mother drove a Volvo with a KQED sticker and wore a lot of L.L. Bean.
These days, Mill Valley is the kind of a town for trophy wives who went to Princeton. They're not complete idiots. Those people live in Tiburon, of course. But the new Mill Valley people can be a little, how do you say, obnoxiously self-congratulatory.
Not me, of course. I'm incredibly low-key about practically inventing the best little town in the world.
Which is why I'm eating up a new blog called Mill Valley Life, and then kind of spitting it out. Said blog appears to be written by an anonymous, slightly creepy person who gets weekly blow-outs and hires someone to walk their dog. Based upon their writing, I'm guessing this person moved to Mill Valley after meeting their future husband in a deposition, having a child they named Parker and reading about this little hamlet in the New York Times.
I could be wrong.
To their credit, Mill Valley Life features disaster planning that doesn't involve San Pelligrino.
Categories on Mill Valley Life include:
Poor kids, rich kids (No, I am not kidding.)
A teensy bit entitled (A teensy bit accurate)
Robin, Bonnie, Carlos, Tyler and Sammy (Celebrity sightings!)
I think my home town kind of jumped the shark now that TyFlo has taken over everything. And God Bless him, I do love everything about that guy except how rad he finds himself. I'm not 100% on this Mill Valley Life blog, yet. Really only because I feel like whoever is writing this rolled into town 15 minutes ago, has never voted in a city-wide election, doesn't subscribe to the IJ much less the Chronicle and shops at Whole Foods instead of the Mill Valley Market which, right there...I mean, come ON. They might as well just have a 'New money, old money' category...


sfmike said...

Wow, that's the most unintentionally hilarious blog I've seen in a while. Loved her headline about Japan and earthquake preparedness: "You can never be too rich or too thin - or too prepared"

Liz Greer, said...

Hi Beth,

Thanks for spending some time reading Mill Valley Life. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that you (and sfmike) may have entirely missed the point. It’s not “unintentionally hilarious” – it’s actually intended to poke fun at the (to use your words) “obnoxiously self-congratulatory”. If that sarcastic voice doesn’t come through clearly, blame my faulty writing, but I assure you, this is meant to evoke a smile here and there. (It’s odd, because I expected that my sarcasm might get me in trouble, but I didn’t anticipate that I’d actually be taken seriously.)

This is a beautiful place to live, whether you were born and raised here, or moved here last week. Regardless of how we got here, we are fortunate, way more fortunate than just about anyone else in the world. I think it’s important to show grace about that, which is why I poke fun – we shouldn’t be out there stealing each other’s parking places or complaining about the fact they’ve run out of Chilean sea bass at Whole Foods – instead, we should be graceful about how lucky we are and how fortunate that we have world-class health care, and incredible educations for our children, and material wealth beyond most people on the planet’s wildest dreams.

My intent is to build community, not destroy it. I think having a little slice of Mill Valley every day, with local stories about our experiences, featuring profiles of interesting people doing important things, some just fun stuff like “shop dogs” and crazy things that kids say, is a great way to build relationships. And yes, I include some snark occasionally to hold up a mirror about entitled behavior and wealthy lifestyles just to keep us in check, to remind us of that need for grace. I choose the embrasive “us” because I doubt that anyone is completely immune (certainly not me), and because pointing fingers at “them” becomes divisive, rather than unifying, and makes the problem of fractured community worse.

So, I hope you’ll take a look at Mill Valley Life through a more light-hearted lens.

BTW, the blog is somewhat anonymous because I want to encourage community-driven submissions and have the focus be on Mill Valley, not “me” per se. But in the interest of self- defense: I’ve lived in southern Marin (mostly Mill Valley, with some time in Sausalito) for 18 years and no, haven’t missed an election. :-) I shop almost every day at Mill Valley Market, no one has ever called me creepy before, and I’m jealous that you interviewed Clive Owen.

Liz Greer

Anonymous said...

Am I alone here in loving that the editor of a 3-month old neighborhood blog totally didn't get it, and told the Chroncile's veteran humor blogger to lighten up? Bonus: she did so in a 5-paragraph comment?


Anonymous said...

If you run out of Pellegrino, try Blue Italy. Three flavors: lime, lemon, and naturale. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I want to say, baaahaaabaahaa. But then I remember I live in this town. The "poor" rent district where the grocery store went out of business and unincorporated MV, but the same town none the less. Privileged and ridiculous is the state of affairs around these parts, BUT there are so many other wonderful aspects of living here. There is beauty and kindness. I look over the jumping of the shark most days. At least I try. Don't lose faith in your hometown Beth!

Patricia said...

Uh dear editor of my so called mill valley life...take a page from Beth because she does know the top and to the right you see this ever so helpful direction stating
The opinions expressed here are ridiculous and in no way reflect anything of value

Which you might want to add if you want to you know Build a community by putting up a mirror because we should be so gratiful for having so much...

Oh...Im sorry my snark button is on if I didn't make it clear enough you might want to add a section for the "community contributed stores too"