Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My good friend Richard passed away on Sunday and we just found out about it. Ever since my cousin Kate and I were little girls, Rich was always our favorite adult. Our dads and Rich were old friends and law partners, but he was more like a wacky, loving uncle to us than anything else. And as we grew up and started having lives and jobs, he was always so interested and enthusiastic about everything we did. Rich would have us, sometimes just the kids, up to his cabin on the Russian River and he'd cook is these amazing meals.
Then he'd turn on the speakers and we'd all dance on the deck, to like "Rat in Me Kitchen" by UB40. And some weird old ladies would show up and everyone would just have a bizarre, hilarious time. And at 2am, Richard would appear with some weird drinks and snacks and insist we listen to his new World Music CD. And Kate and I would kinda look at our friends who we'd dragged up there and shrug. Because Richard was just really out there and wonderful and I can't believe he died.
While Kate is, in a word, hysterical right now, I found this video that's so sweet, and so exactly what hanging out with him (this was when Kate was vising from DC) figured, it's worth making her cry again. Because as heartbreaking as this is, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that Kate and I got Richard in our lives ever since we were impressionable youth. It's probably a huge factor in why we're so eccentric:

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Be_Devine said...

I am so sorry to hear that Richard died. I was fortunate to have met him through you. He was such a warm and fun person, and I will miss him.

And you're right, you have a whole lot of Richard in you.