Thursday, March 24, 2011

mash is a bunch of lies...

I love being grown-up siblings with my brother Alex. He has the most complete frame of reference for my nostalgic needs.
Plus, we were raised to love big, foul weather.
Via instage message, Alex commiserated about the following:
1. The best things to do on a rainy day are either hang out in the TV Room, the coziest place in our childhood home that's gotten even better since we've left OR put on all of my father's bizarre yellow Maine fisherman gear and play outside. Sadly, the last time we did this my brother was 9 or 10 which would make me...15. But that's neither here nor there! It's really fun to brave the elements and scream at the rain and the wind (with your only friend, a 9 year old boy.)
2. I pointed out to Alex that today reminds me of my favorite days in grammar school, where on rainy days we had lunch and recess in the classroom UNSUPERVISED. Bonus: if a rainy day fell on a Thursday which was hot lunch day. Instantly, Alex responded, "Yeah! I am in the mood for some Price Is Right and shitty pizza!" His class seemed to watch the Price Is Right. My class did not. We played Thumbs Up 7Up.
3. Thumbs Up 7 Up got me thinking about other indoor games, and all I could come up with is Operator, Musical Chairs, Indoor Red Rover (eventually prohibited) and for the young ones, Duck Duck Goose. (Lame.) Also, Hangman or MASH on the chalkboard.
4. If MASH were at all accurate, I should be living in a shack with Chris O'Donnell, 6 children and driving a Cabriolet convertible right about now...

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LB said...

Thank you for reminiscing about rainy school days. Most adults I know went to schools where cafeterias were the norm and the whole school was indoors anyhow. Maybe it's a California thing to have recess and lunch in the classroom when it rains (and play Thumbs Up 7Up, obvs). And the hot lunch thing - total flashback to flat pizza in an aluminum tray that was oddly delicious.