Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kicking the can down the road...

Governor Jerry Brown (from henceforth to be known as Governor Grandpa) released a sassy YouTube message to the people of California yesterday! Packed with Depression-era colloquialisms, GG explains everything to us like we're 11.
We're not toddlers, we're not total idiots, according to GG's tone. When GG speaks to us, he gives us the benefit of a 5th Grade understanding of state-wide government which, given people's interest in state-wide government, is probably appropriate.
Using my normal arbitrary politician video grading system, I give this video a B+.
GG gets points for using a video with both color AND sound, for knowing to put it on the information superhighway so the kids can see it, and for his romantic nighttime ambiance. What flattering lighting! I feel like I'm on a date with an old nerd who likes man-splaining (TM: Eve Batey) "a budget" to me.
We can tell GG is hard at word on this "budget" due to the binders placed on his desk. Obviously Governor Grandpa was hard at work with his abacus figuring finance shit out when finally he was like, "23 Scadoo! Binders down! Turn on the magic image transporter! I'm ready to vaguely explain the budget to the computer box!"
A couple of questions: Where are his pens? How does he write? Did no one think to add a prop lap top? Or would that have been too unrealistic?
GG's a big talker with his hands. I like this. It's a nod to the old country. It reminds me of my dad (in 80 years.) Also, thumbs up on the suit, and again, I like the 9pm, 'post-work Scotch in the boss' office' vibe. As usual, I have no remarks on actual content.
Keep 'em comin', Gramps...

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Be_Devine said...

You have to give GG some extra credit for waiting until the STOP button was pressed before calling anyone a whore.